Saturday night is the worst!

What’s your favorite night of the week?  For many people, they enjoy Friday night or Saturday night because they’ve worked a long week or been in school all week.  I don’t know that I really have one night that is more enjoyable for me than another.  But thinking about the week that Jesus died, I can only imagine that Saturday night would have been the worst for the disciples.

Here are a group of men that left everything to follow Jesus for 3 and 1/2 years, believed in everything He taught, believed in everything He did, and now He’s gone.  He’s dead.

On Thursday night, Jesus was arrested and all of the disciples were left without their Leader.  That must have been a painful and disheartening night.  Jesus had been threatened before but never put in chains and led away.  Thursday night was bad.

On Friday night, Jesus had been crucified in front of Jews and some Roman soldiers.  They had probably seen Him be beaten and forced to carry His own cross until He nearly passed out.  And then saw Him physically die, and have His broken body placed in a tomb in a garden.  Friday night was worse because all of their fears and hopes were gone, and Jesus was dead.  He wasn’t healing or teaching or comforting them.  He was gone.

So Saturday had to be the worst.  Because now, the reality of the situation has set in and they have just spend the first 24 hours in over three years without Him around and without having Him leading them.  Saturday had to be worst because they were likely telling stories about how Jesus called each one of them, or times that He spoke to them as One who saw through their own soul.  They were probably talking about how scared they were for their own lives if the Romans decided to come after them.

But if they remembered His words….
If they had taken some time to remember what He said…

If they remembered that Jesus promised that on the third day, He would rise again, then Saturday would have been the BEST night of the week!  They should have comforted each other with His words, and known that was the last night they would have to spend without Jesus ever!  Saturday night should have been the best night because Sunday was coming!  Sunday was coming, and Jesus was coming back to life!

They forgot His words because they were surprised to see Jesus the next morning.  But you don’t have to be surprised!  You need to be excited on Saturday night that tomorrow morning, people will gather in worship centers to sing songs and to hear messages about the hope that we have in Jesus because the Savior is alive!  The Lord walked out of that tomb and wants to walk into every heart and every home!

Saturday night doesn’t have to be your favorite night because of all the things you want to do. Saturday night can be your favorite night of the week because Sunday morning is coming!

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