Are you bitter or better?

My childhood was filled with some iconic toys and games.  Television shows, movies, and even game shows are still stuck in my brain to cause me to jump back in time when I hear the names or the sounds from those programs.  Spiderman, Superman, The Lone Ranger, Stretch Armstrong, the Dukes of Hazzard…I had all of those toys and action figures and record books!  While I didn’t have many books that went along with one stuffed toy that I owned as a toddler, my little Winnie the Pooh has continued to be my all time favorite toy.  In fact, even though our house fire three and half years ago, I still have him!  He’s missing one arm, but he made it out alive!

Although Winnie the Pooh is my favorite and is lovable, there is one character in those stories that is iconic for another reason.  The donkey named Eeyore is the barely lovable pessimist.  Tigger bounces around and gets into everything.  Pooh is interested in honey and being friends with everyone, but Eeyore is always down and gloomy.  He sees everything in life as bad and walks with his head down all the time.  He even sounds depressed in how he talks!  Bless his heart, he literally has a tail that has been pinned on his rear end.  He has even been known to say, “Wish I could say yes, but I can’t.”  And after someone told him good morning, he snipped back, “If it is a good morning, which I doubt.”  My favorite depressing line from Eeyore came after he lost his tail, and someone pinned a red balloon on him in its place, to which he said, “Sure is a cheerful color.  Guess I’ll have to get used to it!”

What a miserable outlook on life!  But have you ever found yourself “down in the dumps” and can’t help but see everything as bad?  Do you ever wake up and just want to go right back to bed, and seemingly everything that happens to you that day seems to not go your way?

You will always have good days and bad days.  You will have good moments when you will feel wonderful and positive, but you will also have moments when life seems to be crashing around you and nothing goes right.  In fact, being positive all the time about every situation is nearly impossible.  But we all must fight against the urge to sink down into despair and feel hopeless.  We have to choose to find something to be happy about, something to rejoice about, something to thank God for, or something to help us realize that life could always be worse.

None of us needs to be an Eeyore where we walk around with our head down, and seeing everything as terrible and the world as a miserable place.

  1. Realize that God created you just like you are.  God placed you in the family that you have for a reason.  He gave you the skills and abilities you have for a greater purpose.  He knows how you are wired emotionally and mentally.  God created you to be you, and for that, you need to be thankful.
  2. Realize that life is short.  In the great span of eternity, your life is ultimately a brief moment in time.  Why let one bad day, or even one bad year, cause our joy of the rest of our life to be robbed?  Every day could very well be your last, and we should all enjoy the creation God has given to us and enjoy every day that we have life!
  3. Realize that other people are miserable and depressed too, so you can make a difference by being positive and encouraging towards them.  We all need someone in our lives who can say something encouraging  to change the outlook on our day…and you can be that person for someone else!  Instead of being an Eeyore toward others, try and be the one person that encourages others that someone needs you to be today!

You can either let life make you bitter or better.  You can either let life bring you down, or you can prayerfully let God raise you above your problems.  My life verse is Isaiah 40:31, which says, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.  They shall mount up with wings like eagles.”  Let God enable you to soar over your problems with strength rather than being dragged through it!

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